NGA Land Trust

Just like artificial turf suppliers, land trusts too are extremely useful because they serve a lot of purposes and are one of the must-have tools when it comes to the arsenal of real estate investors. No doubt land trusts offer a lot of benefits, but in order to take advantage or bank on these benefits, the investor should be smart and savvy. There are many ways in which a land trust can benefit the investor first off, it can provide the investor with the preferred level of anonymity. Secondly, when such trusts are combined with an LLC, the investor would be able to enjoy fabulous asset protection.

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In order to understand more about environmental land trust, it is essential to first get the definition clear. A land trust is a private company or a non-profit company which is actively involved in the process of conserving land in order to aid in conservation or land easement acquisition. Although the exact time period during which land-trusts originated is unknown, it is believed to be around since the Roman times. It was definitely around from the time King Henry VIII started ruling in England.

So, how does an environmental land trust work? Well, first of all you need to purchase the plot of land you wish to work on. Next you can acquire the land via donations. Once it is acquired, you will need to secure the conservation easements on the land in question and also monitor these terms of easements closely. The final step in this regard would be to partner with a private conservation agency or a government one and work together in order to conserve the land. Not all land-trusts are the same in terms of size and nor are their annual budgets which can range from less than USD 10,000 to more than 1 million.

As available land is decreasing, the number of land-trusts is increasing in the US. According to statistics, at present there are about two thousand environmental land trusts in the US and out of these, about one thousand of them have been formed during the last fifteen years. So why are environmental land trusts formed anyway? What is there to protect? Well, these land trusts are formed in order to protect old forests, scenic vistas, streams, farmland, greenways, deserts, wetlands and so on.

If you are highly eager to set up your own environmental land trust then you should gather your resources and friends properly. You should also pick a Board of Directors to help you out and fix a mission statement. Next, an application has to be sent to the IRS for non-profit status and Natural Resources Census should be obtained. It is also important to create community awareness. Thus, it is quite apparent that this is not an easy task and it is very easy to forget the primary reason why you are going through these hassles, i.e. for the betterment of the environment. Therefore, you should always keep reminding yourself this reason in order to motivate yourself to handle the environmental land trust better.